Parnall Aircraft Company
The Parnall Aircraft Company specialises in the manufacture and sale of highly authentic Spitfire MK V reconstructions for static display.

Utilising original drawings and manufacturing techniques, the aircraft are as close to a 1940s production as you can get.

Our Team
A team of highly skilled aviation engineers use their expertise, in both research and construction, to recreate Presentation Spitfires...

Aircraft which were financed by the fundraising efforts of communities, individuals, towns, organisations and expatriates during the war. Each plane carried a chosen name on its fuselage and each plane tells its own unique story. In parallel, the team are also restoring an original Spitfire to flying status and an authentic non-flying replica of a Parnall Panther.

Our History
Parnall Aircraft Ltd was established in 1935 and is firmly planted in military aviation history

The roots of Parnall Aircraft Company are firmly planted in the early years of military aviation history. Parnall Aircraft Ltd was established in 1935 as the culmination of a long history of ventures carried out under the Parnall name since 1820.