Trelonk Wellbeing is a range of Advanced Botanical Solutions, created using high-impact plant extracts, designed to target and support specific concerns.
Using the latest research in molecular extraction technology and a strategic Hive campus relationship with a team of highly skilled scientists in plant genomics-to-clinical application, Trelonk is able to analyse the structure and molecular make-up of selected plants to harness their full potential.
Wild Cornwall is a small farm-to-plate company, creating luxury foraged and homegrown products among the gorse and greenery of the Cornish Roseland.

The delicious and unusual ingredients flourish naturally due to Cornwall’s unique microclimate. With beautifully tailored gift sets and seasonally inspired products, Wild Cornwall serves up seasonal produce just as nature intended, but with a little more zest.

Parnall Aircraft Company
The Parnall Aircraft Company specialises in the manufacture and sale of highly authentic Spitfire MK V reconstructions for static display.

Utilising original drawings and manufacturing techniques, the aircraft are as close to a 1940s production as you can get.

Pharmaceutical Mycology

The extraction, isolation and research of novel biomolecules for applications in treating a range of clinical disorders.